Stay Informed - Glostone's Free 1 Hour Monthly Webinars


Since our 2017 Safety & Regulations Confernece back in January, we were praised on the great information presented and that we should do more of these updates. 

Our response: we will host a FREE Monthly 1 Hour Webinar (so anyone anywhere can attend) to discuss an important topic of the month! 

Please fill out the form to register for a free 1 hour webinar! 

Upcoming 1 Hour Webinars:

  • August 22nd, 2017: Surviving An FMCSA Audit On Maintenance
    • We will: describe the FMCSA rule and carrier responsibilities, cover what a scheduled maintenance program looks like plus record keeping requirements, what a periodic inspection is and a little bit about the qualifications of the inspector, the DVIR process including record keeping requirements, roadside maintenance violations and how to handle that paperwork, and more.

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