Stay Informed - Glostone's Free 1 Hour Monthly Webinars


Since our annual 2017 Safety & Regulations Conference, we were praised on the great information presented and that we should do more education throughout the year. 

Our response: we will host a FREE Monthly 1 Hour Webinar to discuss an important topic of the month! This is part of our Driver Development Series

This is the third year of the webinar series. Please fill out the form to register for a free 1 hour webinar! 


Upcoming 1 Hour Webinars:

  • April 26th, 2019 | What Are the New Hours of Service Rule Changes? w/ Dave Gray, President of Glostone (Assuming new rules announced)
  •  May | TBD


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June 28th, 2019 Webinar:??? 

(Date Likely to Change - FMCSA projected HOS Changes Published in June... but now that is being postponed but not know when!)

What Are the New Hours of Service Rule Changes? w/ Dave Gray, President of Glostone

The FMCSA has been gathering public comments about Hours of Service changes since August, and FMCSA confirms that changes are coming soon. Changes were sent to the White House budget committee and we are expecting an official announcement in the next couple of weeks.

When announced, we will dive into the details and let you know what these changes mean for you and your drivers!



July 26th, 2019 Webinar:

Are You Ready? FMCSA Clearinghouse Rules Take Effect On January 6, 2020

The clearinghouse database, coming 2020, will provide access to real-time information, “ensuring that drivers committing these violations complete the necessary steps before getting back behind the wheel, or performing any other safety-sensitive function.”