Webinar: Personal Conveyance in an ELD World

Speaker: Dave Gray - Dave is not only Glostone's President, he is also president of NATSA (a non-profit of other trucking service companies like Glostone to present a strong national voice for trucking companies small and large), Dave is also involved with IFTA and IRP meetings, speaker at many conferences from trucking to construction industries to discuss FMCSA regulations, and even puts together an annual safety and compliance conference in January (that is free each year local or online attendees).

With the recent updates from the FMCSA, you may have heard another presentation on this subject.

We hope to dig much deeper in this topic by discussing what is Person Conveyance, The changes to it, What isn’t Personal Conveyance, ELDs role with Personal Conveyance, Discuss Company policy practices of Personal Conveyance, and Back-end Office Management of Personal Conveyance.