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CVSA Roadcheck June 5-7 focused on hOS

"The top reason drivers were placed out of service during 2017 International Roadcheck was for hours-of-service violations. We thought this year would be a perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of the hours-of-service regulations, ” said the CVSA President, Capt. Christopher Turner.

One of the biggest issues we are seeing during the ELD implementation phase for motor carriers is that company managers and drivers are confused about the hour-of-service regulations.

Oh, and for those driving through Oregon... they plan on opening EVERY weigh-station during the Roadcheck! 


Don't be one of the many that will receive violations during the Roadcheck! 

  • inspection-e1451601765610-4Inspectors will perform full Level I inspections on most rigs checked during the inspection blitz.
  • Level I inspections are the most thorough, including examination of both driver compliance and vehicle-related violations.
  • Last year’s Roadcheck had 15,000 out-of-service orders issued.
  • Of those, 12,000 were for vehicle-related violations and 3,000 were for driver-related violations.
  • Violations related to hours of service and brakes topped the out-of-service infractions.


For a $25.00 Single User Fee

Prepare yourself or your drivers with our 1 hour CVSA online training video series (phone or computer):

  • The Level 1 Inspection (13 min)
  • Hours of Service (38 min)
  • Brake safety (10 min)
  • Tire inspection (13 min)